Last week was nothing short of spectacular as our young nature enthusiasts, from Ruspini to Year 6, embarked on a thrilling array of activities that ignited their curiosity and creativity.

In Year 1, our budding adventurers set out on a sensory journey through the forest. Armed with nothing but their boundless curiosity and trusty buckets, they explored the world around them through touch, scent, and sight, identifying a treasure trove of natural materials.

Meanwhile, Year 6 pupils faced an exhilarating challenge that put their engineering skills to the test. As storm clouds gathered ominously overhead, they joined forces to craft impenetrable watertight dens. Through a journey of trial and error, they discovered the profound value of design, teamwork, and adaptability while mastering the art of keeping the elements at bay.

In Year 5, collaboration was the driving force as pupils united to design an obstacle course that left even their teachers amazed!

Our youngest explorers in Ruspini and Reception embarked on an investigative adventure of their own. They ventured into the forest, discovering intriguing signs of critters. In a twist of creative brilliance, they crafted their own critters, including an adorable acorn bee.

Year 3 continued their riveting exploration of the Stone Age by learning the ancient art of igniting fire with flint and steel. This historical activity not only provided a captivating glimpse into our ancestors’ way of life but also imparted valuable survival skills to our students.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exhilarating adventures in the coming weeks! The journey at RMSGO never stops, and we can’t wait to share the next thrilling chapter with you!