Throughout the school, the Modern Foreign Languages department has been busy with many activities during the past term.

Year 10 and 12 talk from the University of Reading:

Students in Years 10 and 12 were recently captivated by a fascinating talk delivered by Dr. Sophie Heywood titled “Why Pursue Language Studies at University.” Dr. Heywood delved into the exciting range of opportunities within a language degree, as well as the diverse variety of careers that a language degree can offer.

A current fourth-year student also shared his experience of learning a language at University and the amazing experience of the year abroad.

Year 11 French film night:

French GCSE students enjoyed a relaxed evening watching a wonderful French film ‘Les Intouchables’ with Mr Williams and Miss Llewellyn.

They enjoyed pizzas and desserts whilst being immersed into French culture. A well-deserved reward for two years of hard work in their French lessons before their final exams!

Mandarin Study Day:

Students studying Mandarin A-Level enjoyed a wonderful day in preparation for their exams at St. Paul’s Girls School.

They impressed everyone with their fabulous Mandarin skills and enjoyed sharing their learning experiences with students from a range of other schools.


Year 6 fashion show:

Students from Year 6 showed off their amazing French skills with a fashion show. They used their knowledge of clothes and colours to describe their groups’ outfits, all without scripts!

They also had an audience of students from Year 4 who managed to pick up some new words, and inspiration, from the performance!


Year 10 French in Cadogan:

Year 10 French ambassadors have been joining the senior school teachers in their French lessons at Cadogan this term. They love the opportunity to share their French skills with the Cadogan students and help them build their knowledge of French. Rosie, Natalya and Emily (Year 10) worked with year 4 students to practice their French Skills, serving as great role models to our Cadogan pupils.

The Modern Foreign Languages department celebrates a term filled with engaging activities and student collaboration, fostering a dynamic environment of language learning and cultural appreciation. A big thank you to our Languages department for organising these enriching activities throughout the school.