Lydia Smith, our current Artist-in-Residence at RMS for Girls, will be publishing a fortnightly creative column on our website and via our regular parents communications. The purpose of this column is to give insight and updates into the work that Lydia is doing here at RMS.

Welcome back to my creative column. I’m Lydia Smith, the Artist-in-Residence at RMS, and this is the fifth edition.

In case you’ve missed them, you can catch up with all previous editions here!

The countdown is officially on! We are 19 days away from the unveiling of the sculptures!


Lydia Smith working on her creative sculptures at RMS for Girls

When I’m working on a project to this scale and planning an event, it’s the perfect example of what being an artist truly is like.

In a previous column, I mentioned the hats you must wear as an artist and how you need to operate like a business. This stage is now the PR and Advertising part, which I get a complete thrill out of. After doing a lot of hard work, I now get to get excited and tell everyone about it!

I get so eager to share my work because it's imperative to me that my work carries a message and uplifts people

These sculptures at RMS, and the sculptures I make in my studio, are all focused on human connection. Each work has its own story and self-reflection purposes, and I want to have deep and meaningful conversations initiated because of the artwork.

Lydia Smith working on her creative sculptures at RMS for Girls

The values at RMS couldn’t be more thought-provoking; we perhaps take each value for granted, thinking that we hear these words all the time, but when I sat down to think and feel these values, it struck a chord with me: the significance of living by them. Here is what I think of each one.


This is a BIG one; don’t be afraid to think BIG! We are the creators of our world, and we have the privilege to move in any direction we choose!


NEVER GIVE UP; the odds will tip more in your favour the more you keep doing something, just like practice makes perfect. You won’t be, do, and have what you want if you quit on the path.


Be true to yourself and look inward to see who you are and what makes you happy. By doing this, you, in turn, are integral to others, and it makes life so authentic.


I was that kid who got left out quite a lot, and I was so thankful for those who tried to include me. I think it also takes 5 minutes before you find something in common with some – perhaps even less – so we all can be included in conversations.


Go against the grain if what you think, feel, and know to be true is going to work for you. You might be alone for a while, it might be challenging, and you might get no reward or return for YEARS but trust me… when it hits it will HIT.


This is a big one for me. I have been brought up holding kindness as a core value. It’s an automatic setting by default. Kindness, don’t let it trip you up. There is a difference between being kind and then putting others above yourself. Be kind to yourself first; it will naturally flow to others. This doesn’t mean you must always be happy, but holding that door, telling someone their backpack is open and filling up a friend’s water bottle when you do yours makes people feel seen. It’s the small things.

Trust me; people notice, and it will bring much more kindness and success into your life.

Lydia Smith working on her creative sculptures at RMS for Girls

Everyone I have met in the RMS community lives by these values. It made me realise that all the people I work with in my studio share these values, and I couldn't be happier spending time with them

I look forward to seeing you on the 19th of March. Click here to RSVP.

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All the best