At RMS, we believe in nurturing intellectual curiosity and fostering independent thinking. Our students demonstrate these qualities through the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Our recent cohort of EPQ students achieved some outstanding results, 100% receiving A or A* grades, a fantastic reward for their incredible dedication, hard work and skill.

A distinguishing feature of the EPQ is its flexibility. While the project question may be linked to one’s A Levels, it is expected to go beyond the standard curriculum. Students have the freedom to express their findings either through a 5,000-word essay or through the creation of a tangible artefact, accompanied by a shorter 1,000-word essay.

Within our EPQ cohort Tilly (Year 13) designed and developed a sustainable garment. This innovative piece serves a dual purpose, functioning both as a protective raincoat and as a functional backpack, seamlessly combining fashion with practicality and sustainability.

As we continue to encourage and support our students in their academic pursuits, the EPQ remains a testament to the limitless potential of our students. To discover the Sixth Form curriculum click here.