This week RMS celebrated its Diversity Week with a wide range of activities that aimed to promote cultural exchange and appreciation at our School.

Pupils got involved in many exciting activities, including daily diverse music and reading, Indian dances on Monday, a Diversity & Cultural Society event on Tuesday and Guatemalan worry doll making on Thursday.

The week wrapped up with International House Day on Friday, which offered a wide range of fun activities for students to engage in. From Chinese paper cutting to an international languages quiz, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Students also had the chance to test their knowledge with an international trivia game and compete in an art tile competition.

Other activities included international karaoke, Swedish longball, making French crepes, and a virtual escape room. The day also featured an international film and theatre showcase, which allowed students to explore different cultures through the lens of art.


The week-long celebration of diversity at RMS was a resounding success, with students fully immersing themselves in the rich cultural experiences on offer. RMS is proud to have created an inclusive environment that promotes mutual respect and understanding among its diverse student body.