RMS has been holding multiple events as part of our Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and among them was a coffee morning that took place yesterday for parents from various parts of the school.

The coffee morning provided a wonderful platform to listen to parents of RMS students with Neurodiversity, enabling everyone to gain valuable insights and understanding about the topic.

Attendees engaged in meaningful conversations, answered questions, and shared their journeys, making the event both insightful and informative.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the parents and staff who contributed to the success of this brilliant event.

Meanwhile, pupils in Cadogan House have been busy painting a beautiful community mural.

By representing themselves with an image or word that symbolizes their uniqueness, the pupils are creating an awe-inspiring masterpiece that promises to be truly magnificent once completed. We look forward to seeing the final artwork and witnessing the celebration of their individuality.

At the heart of our values lies inclusivity, and we strive to establish a community that embraces and honors all individuals, regardless of their differences.

Find out more about our school values here.