Hind House is the home to RMS Sixth Form and has a distinct character within the school. Here you will find Sixth Form students working hard within lessons and study rooms, leading clubs in our ‘Roof Room’, making toast and coffee in the kitchen, relaxing in the common, having meetings in the Head Pupils’ study, enjoying the sun in the garden or meeting with teachers in their offices. The atmosphere is a happy one, with students engaging with each other as well as with teachers as they develop into young adults.

Each week students will have a number of study periods. Students are given support through the A Level Mindset programme to learn about how, where and when they work best. Each student is different in her methodology and therefore can choose to work in whatever way suits them best.

Once student have settled into Hind House, they are permitted to go off site for lunch. We are a short walk into Rickmansworth, meaning some students enjoy a stroll at lunchtime with their friends.

Ultimately, it is our belief that if a student is happy, they are in a good place to work hard and therefore achieve. Giving students increased independence and the tools to use this effectively is an important stepping stone to the next stage of their lives.

Student testimonials

The best bit about Sixth Form are the teachers, the supportive and enthusiastic environment, and the endless opportunities to challenge myself.

Year 12 Student

I grew a huge amount as a person, and became confident in who I am...this is all due to the opportunities I got to embrace in year 12 and the people who were there to support me. I also had so much fun and laughed endlessly!

Year 13 Student